Apr 25, 2011

The British...

I want to go back to London. It was amazing.Cold.Beautiful.Big.and just Fast moving.
I think i fell in love with London when i went 4 years ago and i so badly want to go back.
---The underground. red buses. macaroons. Buckingham palace. people. accent. oxford street. fashion. scenery. hyde park. Harrods--- oh ,Harrods was beyond amazing__one can shop till you drop :) i still remember buying a jumper at Primark as well as a coat that I'm still wearing although its looking a bit shabby. and then there was MANGO in oxford street, oh do i love mango. we have mango here to, only now do i know how expensive it is here after buying patent pump shoes there--i will post a pic later on :) I shall be seeing London in the future. for sure :)

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