Jun 17, 2011

Pretty Please :)

Mulberry Alexa bag
Nixon watch

Jun 16, 2011

This is what I am made of...

A friend of mine is an aspiring model and wants to make her dream of modelling come true.


Pretty Looks straight from the book

Apr 30, 2011

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Dress.

I think Kate looked absolutely beautiful in this Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton. I loved her sister Pippa Middleton's dress, also designed by Sarah Burton, even though it was quite ordinary.

Pippa Middleton

Apr 25, 2011

The British...

I want to go back to London. It was amazing.Cold.Beautiful.Big.and just Fast moving.
I think i fell in love with London when i went 4 years ago and i so badly want to go back.
---The underground. red buses. macaroons. Buckingham palace. people. accent. oxford street. fashion. scenery. hyde park. Harrods--- oh ,Harrods was beyond amazing__one can shop till you drop :) i still remember buying a jumper at Primark as well as a coat that I'm still wearing although its looking a bit shabby. and then there was MANGO in oxford street, oh do i love mango. we have mango here to, only now do i know how expensive it is here after buying patent pump shoes there--i will post a pic later on :) I shall be seeing London in the future. for sure :)

---Playing with paint---

Gisele shows how

Over-sized and cropped Tees plus denim shorts =Happy face.

I want these!!