Nov 26, 2010

How much more Bored can you get?

Occasionally i will be bored. So bored out of my mind, 
that I will sit in my window and stare at the mountains.and just think...and now and then seeing the cows grazing on the lawn on the other side of the wall...

Sep 3, 2010

My Personal obsession of the week..

These breath taking Louboutins
I prefer a patent shoe, as it resembles a more classier, complete look.

Sep 2, 2010


Looking for a cardigan or jumper jersey like this [Over sized]. Pretty cool i say.Especially pairing with cute denim mini shorts :)

Sep 1, 2010

To Love or not to Love these pics?

A few photos i am loving...

Aug 26, 2010

Having Fun!


Aug 25, 2010

Alexa Chung Elle shoot.

A La Mode

The Tote

The Chanel tote is a stunning accessory.
I want one...

Strike a Pose>>

Aug 8, 2010

Its amazing how Agyness Deyn can can pull off anything she wears!!

Aug 4, 2010

''its like bubblegum had a baby with carrie bradshaw and the surrogate mother was..christian louboutin''

Jun 14, 2010


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.
-Coco Chanel


Love snapping away with my blackberry on the road :)

The stadium

On a trip to Cape Town recently>> the Green Point Stadium for the World Cup soccer!!

Louis V tights

Love the way Nicole Richie is rocking these Louis Vuitton tights!!

Got to start somewhere...i guess?

Well where do i start...the heading basically says all, the fact that i like to BELIEVE in a lot of things, i believe or it would be more like dreaming most of the time.or something like that. but i have a huge love for photography and fashion of course!! There is nothing better than capturing the perfect moment...that is a memory that will last forever! So i will try my best to post as often as i can. but i am not promising anything. :)