Feb 25, 2011

Like it Much, Doc?/?

 I'm obsessing over Doc Martens at the moment. I do not see them in our shops that often- they're quite hard to find__thinking of investing in a pair, or What are your opinions on them? yay, or nay??...keep it black though- i think when there is a whole lot of funky patterns going on there...it can be a bit much..

What**Time**Is**It**In**The**World ???

 There was a 'fan walk' from Cape Town station to the stadium, which was all a dedication to U2, even a band on a rooftop signing their music, people sitting on the pavements of seapoint, restaurants overflowing with people- everybody is so super dooper excited :)

Entering the stadium!

''With or Without you'' ♥♥

Putting the stage together :D
           On Friday night i was very privileged to go see U2 live on their 360 degree tour :). It was my very first time in Cape town soccer stadium which was used during the soccer world cup!! It was the most amazing music concert i have ever been to...the stage itself was amazing, i was completely blown away-[i mean i was so fascinated by that stage]..as well as deaf the next day...here are a few pics of a wonderful night of my life (sorry for bad quality-was taken on my phone)

There were 73 000 people in the stadium!!

Bono told everyone to turn their cellphone lights on...

Feb 16, 2011

::: WordS aRe aMaZing :::

I Like it R E D.

Red is cool. It's bright. It's beautiful (i mean -it symbolises love) and its such a ''in your face'' colour

Alexa Chung - My fashion icon :::

 Even Rihanna can pull it off on her hair..